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Oussayma Ghrawi

The Oussaima Ghrawi establishment was founded by Mrs. Oussaima Ghrawi Ladki in 1975, as a natural continuation of her father “Ahmad”(1920) and her grandfather” Jamil”(1880) who were nationally known for their profound gift of creating and inventing heavenly tastes and textures from sugar and nuts in addition to dried fruits. Mrs. Oussaima inherited those qualities and grew up in this atmosphere of mixing and harmonizing flavors. Throughout her work with her father she built up a dream of implementing all her natural gifts and learning’s into the world of chocolates. When the time came she sought her father’s blessings and branched out to join the sensual world of chocolate. Her creativity exploded into the production of unprecedented mixtures of Malban & Nougat with chocolates. Flavors, shapes, fillings and designs streamed out of her imagination. Success accompanied her every invention. People came from all over the world to indulge in an atmosphere of creamy sensation. Over the years she developed a sensation for exotic and Far eastern flavors and spices. She introduced those earthy, natural components into the creamy chocolates and chewy Malban textures. The results were cosmic. The Easterns and the Westerns fell in love with the products. Mrs. Oussaima believes that as the world evolves around us also our yearnings evolve to include acquired tastes. So, if you want to succeed you must know how to please the cravings of humanity. The Oussaima Ghrawi establishment is a Family Business. As a mother of 5 children, she surrounded her children with the fancy world of confectionary and chocolates. She introduced her children to the hard work and commitments of the family business right from their early years of their teenage lives. She taught them how to organize their time between studying and working all through their college and university years. Abdel halim and Jihan continued working full time in the establishment each contributing in his/her field of expertise. Halim is handling the industrial part and Jihan is handling the sales & Marketing part. Rana, Hanan and Suha contribute with part time efforts. As the Establishment flourished employees joined our family to become part of us. Manual work attracts the less privileged socio-economic population. With her motherly love she unified with them and catered to their needs from health to the education of their children. Oussaima Ghrawi & Sons grew and the torch is passed from generation to generation. The passion to deliver the best quality, the most luscious flavors continues from mother to children to grand children. Under her loving wings her work will survive through us and our children and grandchildren by God’s Will.